Leveraging Science to Improve Performance

Tap into what we know about the brain-body system and human motivation to elevate your performance as a teacher and engagement in your classroom. Advance student learning and performance and create an environment of growth, learning, and accountability.

Educators and Administrators are often faced with some challenges in the current educational environment:

  • Increased stress and demands
  • Student learning and engagement
  • Personal accountability
  • Student motivation
  • Avoiding stress and burnout
  • Effectively communicating with others
  • Motivation, mindset, happiness

A Leading Mind works with educators and administrators to dive into the key learning about the brain and body performance.  Our tools and techniques provide educators with concrete ways to impact their own motivation and mindset, classroom structure, and student engagement and learning.


  • Energy, Focus, and Mindfulness
  • Social Safety and Threat/Reward
  • Fixed and Growth Mindset
  • Motivation and Accountability
  • Learning Capacity


Provides school districts or education associations with the opportunity to experientially learn, understand and apply the methods to enhance teacher performance and student learning and engagement.

  • Our workshops focus on:
    • Teacher engagement and motivation
    • How you can use Neuroscience and brain performance to improve teacher performance
    • The Social Brain and the impact on school culture and change
    • Reduce teacher stress and burnout
    • Create a culture of teacher growth and development


Coming 2018

Course 1 – Fixed and Growth Mindset
Course 2 – The Brain Based Teacher
Course 3 – Mindfulness in the Classroom