Leveraging Science to Improve Performance

We are in midst of the largest multi-generational shift in our economy causing us to reevaluate how we do business in order to stay relevant. How we manage employees, measure productivity, increase innovation and creativity, improve collaboration, and process information is changing every day. Leaders at all levels will need to develop these skillsets if they want to thrive in business.

The last 20 years in business has taught me a lot.  But what I have learned through my certifications through Dr. Dan Redacki and the Academy for Brain Based Leadership and Dr. Etienne Van der Walt and Neurozone have trumped them all.  I only wish I could be 22 years old again, starting my career and know this invaluable information, tips and tools to be more effective in business and life.


  • We are built for survival.  Our brain still perceives outside noise and stimulus through our senses as if it is threatening our survival.  Everything we do in life is predicated on our ability to seek and earn rewards while avoiding threat.  How we perceive and process these prospective threats and rewards will largely determine our success in business and life.
  • The brain processes information 99% of the time in the unconscious.  Our brain loves short-cuts, craves to be right, wants to take the easy route and is biased!  To save energy and resources for fight or flight it will dismiss information and sometimes facts to avoid having to slow down and figure things out.  This leads to quick work, a lack of fact finding, blame vs claim and overall poor decision making.
  • Our brains love to jump to the negative.  Because we are 4 to 5 times more likely to seek the negative we first see things as a negative – our brain is already on the defensive! The boss not asking your opinion in a meeting, the phone ringing from an important sale, the processor that won’t return an email on your file; whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, your brain will tell the bad thing.  This affects your mood, attitude and next best action.
  • Social for survival.  Our brains were not meant to survive on their own.  We need social interaction on a daily basis to stay alive and this shows up differently in today’s society than centuries ago.  Technology over the next 10 years will be moving at lightning speed and the teams that can create, innovate and learn the fastest will win the future.  Leaders are responsible for creating a culture of safety – one where every individual and team can thrive.  A cancerous culture pays attention to who’s idea was it, who invented it, who gets the credit.  These status driven organizations will lose.

When you learn how to navigate the brain and the mind your individual and team performance will improve!


Learn more about the above insights and a whole lot more!  Our interactive workshops are designed to spark insights and create opportunities for attendees to apply these business concepts.


George will speak about his journey in corporate America and his constant pursuit for what truly drives performance. He shares his personal insights, knowledge and experience in a way that will motivate you and your team to purse excellence.