Building Better Leaders Through Science

George Niemann – CEO, A Leading Mind

We are in midst of the largest multi-generational shift in our economy causing us to reevaluate how we do business in order to stay relevant. How we manage employees, measure productivity, increase innovation and creativity, improve collaboration, and process information is changing every day. Leaders at all levels will need to develop these skillsets if they want to thrive in business.

The last 20 years in business has taught me a lot.  But what I have learned through my certifications through Dr. Dan Redacki and the Academy for Brain Based Leadership and Dr. Etienne Van der Walt and Neurozone have trumped them all.  I only wish I could be 22 years old again, starting my career and know this invaluable information, tips and tools to be more effective in business and life.


  • We are built for survival.  Everything we do in life is predicated on our ability to seek and earn rewards while avoiding threat.
  • The brain processes information 99% of the time in the unconscious.  Our brain loves short-cuts, craves to be right, wants to take the easy route and is biased!
  • Our brains love to jump to the negative.  Because we are 4 to 5 times more likely to seek the negative, we first see things as a negative.
  • Social for survival.  Our brains were not meant to survive on their own.  We need social interaction on a daily basis to stay alive.

Our Program

Know Your Brain

Our brains operate on auto-pilot. Understanding the hard-wiring of your brain, its triggers and behavioral drivers is the first step in a thriving career.

Generate Energy

Generating and sustaining energy is crucial to performing at your best throughout the day, each and every day.

Gain Clarity

Leaders that are intentional with their attention and focus while operating in the present moment are more productive and more effective and getting the best results from their team.

Learn and Grow

Our brain can grow and change.  How we approach challenges with our mindset makes all the difference and creates teams that are problem solvers instead of problem makers.


Learn more about the above insights and a whole lot more!  Our interactive workshops are designed to spark insights and create opportunities for attendees to apply these business concepts.


George will speak about his journey in corporate America and his constant pursuit for what truly drives performance. He shares his personal insights, knowledge and experience in a way that will motivate you and your team to purse excellence.