Leveraging Science to Improve Performance

Gain the next competitive advantage by learning how to properly dispense Energy and Focus to improve Drive and Performance. Tap into an athlete’s ability to perform at their highest level and create an environment of growth and learning.

Athletes, teams and coaches often face the same challenges such as Self-Doubt, Social Safety, Resilience and “Transferitis.”

A Leading Mind provides opportunities for coaches, players and athletic departments to dive deeper into understanding the pillars behind brain and body performance. We give you the tools to devise actionable steps to improve in areas crucial to performance in order to realize untapped individual and team potential.


  • Self Doubt
  • Team Synergy
  • Resilience
  • Energy and Focus
  • Creation of Science Based Habits


Through our keynotes, A Leading Mind exposes coaches, players and athletic departments to the science and research of human performance, motivation, and teams beginning with the
processes form a crucial foundation to improvement.


Our comprehensive workshops enable you to dig deep into mindset, habits, obstacles to performance and more. We can customize each workshop to the number of people or dive into specific challenges that your team faces. Call us to find out more information.