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What is Your Performance Gap?





As humans, we are wired to be social for survival and therefore operate best in teams. However, we are often missing several key components of successful team connection: communication, commitment, motivation, and a collective drive toward goals and objectives.

We are a digitally disrupted society- full of noise and chaos. We operate with our hair on fire leading to a false sense of productivity. These little interruptions add up throughout a day leaving us feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

We are exhausted and less resilient. Energy levels drop throughout the day leading to a decrease in your ability to maintain focus and attention. We are “surviving the day vs thriving throughout the day.”

Our brains are wired to jump to the negative, back down from challenges, prepare for the worst and play it safe: that’s how we stay alive.  This hard-wired way of thinking demotivates teams, kills culture, inhibits learning and stifles growth.

A Leading Mind's HP3 Performance Model


  • Focus on developing a culture that rewards and supports learning and growth.
  • Develop strategies for using and enhancing different forms of communication.


  • Discover the impact of sleep, diet, exercise, silencing the mind and mindfulness have on your ability to perform at your best.
  • The brain often operates on autopilot and is highly reactive. Learn how emotional regulation can help improve energy, focus, and attention.


  • Align your beliefs with your purpose and identity. Recognize the brain’s need for an alignment between an individual and team’s beliefs, identity and purpose. This alignment is the foundation of a culture of excellence and achievement.
  • Learn how to build social safety, create certainty and instill a sense of belonging that builds a positive, cohesive team culture.

Turn Potential Into Performance

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